Group facilitators are the agents of change for many people in treatment for life controlling problems, as well as those looking to improve in various aspects of life. There are many great evidence based curricula to guide people to a better place but, lesson plans don’t effect change. The skillful use of a lesson plan can!

This workshop is for those who are tasked with leading group as a facilitator. Whether recovery groups for drug and alcohol, or parenting, anger management, etc., the basic skill sets and fundamentals are the same.


Join our skilled and experienced instructors as they take you step by step through the process of group facilitation. Participants will learn:

  1. How to connect with the group
  2. The importance of being observant
  3. Gaining group participation
  4. Keys to a successful group dynamic
  5. How to evaluate the health of the group
  6. Working smart, not hard
  7. and more

If you are an experienced group leader or are just starting out, you will gain insights and techniques that will enhance your ability as a facilitator. Our instructors have decades of experience leading all types of groups for many different subjects and venues. You will be equipped by the best!