Cracking the Class / Cultural Code

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Course Description

Participants will learn the “hidden rules” of class and become better able to positively engage those in a different socio-economic class. 

Relationship is based on communication, and communication is based on understanding. Each class / cultural group has its own rules and norms. To bridge the cultural gap, you must understand the rules of that group.

This workshop is based on three bodies of Research:

1. A) A Framework for Understanding Poverty – Ruby K. Payne
     B) Bridges Out Of Poverty
2. The Social Development Strategy – Dr.’s Hawkins & Catalano
3. The 40 Asset Model – Search Institute, Dr. Peter Benson

Upon completion of this training: 

  • Participants will be able to demonstrate greater appreciation of the unique dynamics that come with providing assistance and / or interacting with persons from a class different than their own. 
  • The participant will be able to better explain “the hidden rules of class” and how they affect the priorities of persons in the respective classes. 
  • Participants of this workshop will better indicate and understand reasons for certain responses, attitudes and behaviors of clients. 
  • Participants will better appreciate the need to understand the dynamics / differences that separate the classes
  • Participants will better understand the “Driving Forces” for behaviors that appear contradictory, self-defeating or anti-social.
  • A better apreciation will be had by particiipants concerning historical perspectives of poverty and class struggles and how to be part of the solution
  • Over 92% of participants report a heightened awareness, appreciation and greater sensitivity to those different from themselves
  • Most state that they feel better equipped to assist those in different classes because of a better appreciation and understanding. 

This workshop consistently receives excellent evaluations from participants