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The Truth About Change

Course Description Insight and inspiration on the subject of change. This is a powerful systematic approach for personal change or assisting others in need. The 3 Simple Foundations of Change 6 Key Aspects of Change You Can’t Ignore How To Respond Appropriately

Opening The Door Of Opportunity

Course Description Recommended for Older students, Persons in the Criminal Justice System and Persons experiencing a new way of learning.   This is a 4 hour workshop Having a Career Mindset The 5 P’s of Success Separating Yourself from the Pack

Cracking the Class / Cultural Code

Course Description Participants will learn the “hidden rules” of class and become better able to positively engage those in a different socio-economic class.           Relationship is based on communication, and communication is based on understanding. Each class / cultural group has its own rules and norms. To bridge the cultural gap, you …

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Don’t Bet Your Life On It

Course Description Participants will be armed with a thorough knowledge of the nuances that make this disease treatable and beatable. (Recommended for anyone in the field or looking to get in the field as well as those with the disease)    Key concepts covered include: The Gambling Addiction Fundamentals to Diagnosis Effective Intervention 3 Keys …

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Facilitating Healthy Behavior

Course Description Key principals and strategies for effecting lasting positive change in at – risk youth. Participants will become familiar with several key research-based methodologies for gaining attention, respect and influence in the lives of at-risk youth and their caregivers. Key concepts covered include: The Four Domains of Influence Gaining Cooperation Concrete Communication The Research …

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