Check Out These Entertaining and Insightful Podcasts

Take Doug Hollis, a juvenile lifer who is now free and helping others with reentry to society          &                                      Larry Washington, an ex-offender who retired as a case manager in the prison system, put them in the same room with a mic, and hear what happens!

Join the decades long friendship and insights of these two men who met as inmates, and now work from the outside. This weekly podcast will enlighten and encourage you with unique and powerful perspectives you won’t want to miss.


The road to recovery is facilitated by skilled and dedicated people. If you are either employed or a volunteer in this needed and worthwhile profession, this is for you.  Listen as experienced and passionate facilitators and counselors share their

experiences and insights. Intervention, group facilitation, one on one support, differing approaches and modalities, everything is up for discussion. Join us each week for a fresh look at Coming Clean.

Plus more informative & entertaining topical, and interview shows!