About Us

Vladimir Beaufils - CEO
John Thompson - COO

Our Story

Sound Community Solutions (SCS) began as a part time community outreach, helping people with employment challenges. Vladimir began working with individuals through the Ready4Work program curriculum. Soon an anger management group was started for men sent by the court for domestic violence.

In 2008, Vladimir and his wife Joanna, made the step to go full time with the organization they had founded in 2003. The SCS mentoring initiative for re-entrants from incarceration has serviced 10 counties across PA. We also conduct various groups from parenting to outpatient drug and alcohol.

Vladimir also saw the need to provide training for those in the helping professions. This is the purpose of the SCS Training Academy. We produce top of the line, professional courses and workshops, tailored for the varying needs in the social work, law enforcement, and community outreach fields.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

These are a few of our experienced, "hands on" instructors. All of our presenters have years of practical experience in the field as well as the academic disciplines required.

Edith Cook

Experienced counselor, group facilitator, and mentoring coordinator

Larry Washington Sr.

Powerful Group facilitator with decades of criminal justice experience. 

Lisa Kessler

Lisa is a sought after speaker and author on the subject of trauma and re-entry. 

Vladimir Beaufils

Vladimir is CEO of SCS, and a skilled and certified trainer for DDAP. He also conducts training on grant writing for non-profits.